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For the past 35 years International Energy Technologies (IET) has been proud to provide clients around the world with a range of energy-saving solutions. Energy Solutions proposed by IET are based on an in-depth analysis of the existing facility; a review of alternative energy-saving technologies and finding the solution that achieves the lowest cost with the highest benefits possible. Determination of the ideal solution is done by our expert analysts in consultation with our clients.

Various incentive programs are available to facilitate rapid integration of technologies.

IET offers various levels of lighting services to suit the needs of individual clients. Our services include a comprehensive electricity-use analysis and a recommendation based on the most suitable technology for the application, energy efficiency, cost savings, correct projection of light and reflectivity of light fixtures, ambiance and decreased environmental impact. From assessment to implimentation IET provides the customer with the highest benefit possible.

Consulting services include common-sense advice garnered from years of experience working with building owners, property managers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, sports facilities, gas stations, senior and long-term care facilities.

This IET web site represents only a selection of our wide range of products and services.

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